Centre d'Information sur les Institutions Européennes

Centre d'Information sur les Institutions Européennes (CIIE)

Public Lectures

The CIIE provides different public lectures adapted to the public and their needs. These conferences address all audiences: universities, associations, communities, etc. With a range of adapted educational tools, these lectures dynamically and synthetically deal with different topics to achieve a better understanding and experience of daily life in Europe.

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Teach me l’Europe

Whether you like it or not, quite often we don’t know exactly about how Europe governs us. With all of those “Is too much of a complex thing, Europe!”,”It’s Brussels’ fault” “Europe’s cost is really expensive”, etc, is not always easy to develop our own opinion. With the aim of building a better understanding of Europe, the CIIE and the Lieu d’Europe invite you one Sunday per month to come and untangle Europe. 
“Teach me l’Europe” is a series of one-hour conferences open to all, where we discuss and help to understand specific key topics about Europe.


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