Strasbourg l'européenne
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Centre d'Information sur les Institutions Européennes

Centre d'Information sur les Institutions Européennes (CIIE)

The Information Centre on European Institutions (CIIE) has been located within the Lieu d’Europe in Strasbourg since 2014.

As a place of education in European citizenship open to all, the vocation of the Lieu d’Europe is to make Europe known to citizens and to strengthen their feeling of belonging to a community of values.

Endowed with a permanent exhibition, a resource centre coordinated by the Information Centre on European Institutions and meeting and discussion rooms, the Lieu d’Europe’s mission is to:

  • Inform the general public on institutions, the history of Europe and its close links with the history of Strasbourg, together with European news,
  • Promote construction of European citizenship and stimulate exchanges of ideas and debate,
  • Bring citizens closer to European institutions,
  • Explain and share values of democracy, peace and human rights,
  • Make the wealth and cultural diversity of the different European countries known to all.

The Lieu d’Europe is open to all, local people from Strasbourg or tourists, young or old, school-children or families. An activities programme proposes exchanges of ideas, debates and meetings with personalities, film-shows, cultural events, convivial moments, etc. on themes related to European topics.

The Lieu d’Europe is also very happy to welcome events organised by associations with a European vocation linked with its missions.